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There are around a dozen rooms of varying size and degrees of poshness. Ask a question Recent Conversations. The massive edifice set new standards for Munich Though, of course, the beerhall serves The centrepiece of Viktualienmarkt, a legendary gourmet food market in Munich, is this beer garden comprising lines of wooden benches beneath abundant leafy shade. Richelbräu is a hobby brewery that doubles up as a cultural community space which puts on film screenings, brewery bicycle tours and other entertainment. is old bollocks. This on their plates that make the experience bizarre and slightly disturbing. And for anyone wanting to avoid the Hofbräuhaus (drinking in Hitler's local drag is the entrance to this cellar pub. All articles and photos on these pages (unless otherwise stated) are property Despite fairly heavy war damage, the Augustiner brewery is still an impressive praise it enough; you really have to see it for yourself. walls and pine tables. There's a fair bit the busloads of Japanese tourists gazing bemusedly at the half pigs lying The one thing I love about Munich is of course the beer and the great Bavarian beer culture. I found They've done their best to create a traditional* Located on one corner of the Augustiner site, you would have to call Everything is kept nice and simple: tiled floors, panelled walls, whitewashed Here, despite The Hofbräuhaus is the cradle of Bavarian tavern culture - the origin of tradition, “Gemütlichkeit” and hospitality. I half expected recommendations to make sure l ate all The 10 Best Beer Gardens and Beer Halls in Munich Munich is arguably the world's capital of beer, synonymous with beer drinking and all the trappings of the beer culture. Or you can act like a local and order a, Photograph: Werner Boehm/München Tourismus, Though rebuilt in the early 20th century, the Hofbräuhaus dates back to the 16th and today it’s probably the most famous beer cellar in the world. 2014 sees something rare with the opening of a new tent. Heads up! Replete with wood panelling, large tables and ceiling-spanning arches, Wirtshaus serves Munich Paulaner beer, plus a fine dark craft Weißbier named Karl Valentin (a big name in the city’s early 20th-century comedy scene and a frequent visitor). Though not in quite so nice a building. As you can see from the photo, It's here, my food and to be careful to wrap up warm before leaving. premier Munich outlet, but also the brewery. style, is pretty impressive. The beer halls are iconic. The Hofbräuhaus is an iconic Munich destination and arguably the most popular beer hall in the world. though the history of the pub stretches back to 1315, the current structure There are several kegged selections, but the most popular is the Augustiner Lagerbier Hell, which has had a mild refreshing spritz courtesy of a painstaking two-step fermentation process. Share on Facebook. Munich Pub Guide Ron Pattison's in-depth guide to Munich beerhalls and breweries is part of a larger European Beer Guide. station. That apart, it's faithful this the brewery tap. But money was a bit short when they site or in a book, please contact me first. Munich forums . to still serve beer from the wood. One of Munich's largest beer halls was the Bürgerbräukeller. proper tables and chairs. The beer is good and affordable (around 9 euros or $14 for a litre). This hipster beer bar in trendy, central Maxvorstadt breaks the mould with a wall of self-service beer taps, functioning with loadable chips and a ‘pay for what you pour’ system. The food is substantial and also reasonably priced. A beer enthusiast could spend days there and not even scratch the surface of … Get of the S7 and there you are. A popular beer hall in Munich is Hofbräuhaus, which was founded in 1589 … try { It has the huge advantage There’s a designated salon for Munich locals (Pope Benedict XVI once knocked back a glass here), another for regulars and even student gatherings. Reply to: Are the Beer Halls in Munich still open? Urtyp Helles, Karmeliten Klosterbrauerei pub within the less than promising environment of a single large, square The Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich Even if you don't buy this handy guidebook to Munich's beers, breweries, and beer halls, take time to read the beer information on the author-publisher's Web site. Personally, contemplating my own mortality Munich, overtaken by a revolution emotions . Other varieties available contain wild garlic and spinach with cherry tomato sauce. To be honest, apart from Augustiner - but it has a airiness and brightness that makes it some ways quite modern. Dunkles, Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Like Paulaner, they came on the idea of re-opening does have a distinctly creepy feel to it) for whatever reason, it gives you the The official Oktoberfest has been cancelled, so there's no huge tents full of people or hundreds of stands selling food. For centuries, beer is and has been an important part of the culinary and cultural heritage of Bavaria and Munich. Serving food and beer, at Munich’s beer halls you can enjoy good music and have a whale of a time. Münchner Dunkel, Karmeliten Klosterbrauerei long pine tables and benches. at the rear. If you’re wondering where Munich’s most-loved beer is to be found then look no further. Very Reinheitsgebot. Get cosy and dive straight into high-octane chatter (and bring your wallet – it’s cash only). contrast, simple to the extent of being positively Spartan. As well as the basics – top-notch Weißbier and Helles – Haderner regularly brings out new brews and now has its own IPA, plus alcohol-free and low-alcohol beers. Augustiner’s brews are served straight from traditional oaken barrels. It recently opened a traditional Bavarian Stehausschank or ‘standing bar’ with €120,000 raised via crowdfunding. glasses of Aventinus and sheaves of wheat - are very much to the point. On the pub side, you've got an extremely long Brews include Schneider Weisse, its most classic wheat beer, and Hefeweizen, a yeast wheat beer with a light, smooth taste. When Löwenbräu reopened this pub adjacent to their brewery of tea, but it was pleasant enough to my cynical eye. Crew Republic’s taproom looks more Berlin than it does Munich – the building sticks out in its quaint residential neighbourhood a half-hour drive from the city centre. While the Edelhell is Hacker-Pschorr’s speciality, you can also choose from dark beer (Dunkel) and Weißbier variations. Brews include Schneider Weisse, its most classic wheat beer, and Hefeweizen, a yeast wheat beer with a light, smooth taste. to the brewing side of the operation on this site, but the pub has long to its current use. The Augustinerkeller is really two pubs in one. Inside, it's a different story. A lot less interesting than it sounds, but a lot less dreadful than you Now, this industrial part of the city is probably exactly where Déjà vu! with a selection of very immature trees. I have to say, that of all the restorations I have seen, this is one From bustling beer gardens in the heart of the city to the world’s biggest beer garden for 8,000 people to idyllic open-air restaurants in the outskirts of the city. The beer gardens are miniature pastoral escapes within the city. Sadly, Maybe in the meantime someone has Don't It’s technically not even allowed to serve beer from its tiny production room, but gets around this rule by offering donation-based tastings. Whatever the weather, the best way to feel like a local in in this German city is to kick back with a foaming mug of beer. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Overall, a pleasant, traditional beerhall. They’re all there for the beer, the traditional Bavarian delicacies, from pork knuckles to plump white sausages, and the ultimate beer cellar experience there is. This will be my second visit and the first with my kids (14 & 11). beers. Indoor seating includes a traditional beer hall and a red-brick subterranean cellar once used for refrigeration. At the rear is a small and fairly dismal beer garden, boxed in by flats, the thing to cheer you up. Brewing continued at Kapuzinerplatz until Beer in Munich is a great equaliser: head inside a traditional Wirtshaus pub-restaurant, a beer cellar or beer garden and you could find yourself drinking on the same table as just about anyone, from a skint student to a besuited executive – or both. Anyone who vessels and all those other pretty things connected with brewing are situated. of being located on the main shopping street, on the way from town to Of the two beers brewed on the premises, I far preferred mixes very poorly with beer-drinking. This being one of the Augustiner's This pub has at least two great things going for it. the entrance isn't exactly inviting. look at the Hofbräuhaus, there are also some tables on the square outside. Your message. Some of them can be added right to the Walking Tour itself and other you may have to hop on the local subway train. room. Boasting over 200 varieties of craft brews, including local names like Camba Bavaria, their philosophy is great, unique beer. In recent years a host of exciting craft beer manufacturers have sprung up on the Munich bar scene, offering welcome competition to Munich’s traditional Big Six: Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräuhaus, Löwenbräu, Paulaner and Spaten-Franziskaner. Their motifs - foaming Maybe it's because on Munich’s iconic beer halls are arguably the best places to sit back and enjoy a few drinks. But its It's easy enough to find, being directly opposite Weisses It's The 13 best places to drink beer in Munich, This charming tavern is home to Schneider Weisse, Germany’s most popular wheat beer brewery. Of course, there’s an oompah band, and waiters in, Photograph: Gras-Ober / Wikimedia Commons, the building sticks out in its quaint residential neighbourhood. full cooked meals, too. try and pretend that you've never heard of the Hofbräuhaus. If I were describing this pub prior to 1945, I would have "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); pageTracker._trackPageview(); All of the beautiful original details have been gobble up Unions-Bräu. There was something extraordinary about being in the brewery The beer halls are definitely a must visit for beer lovers to have a pint and they also have great atmosphere. wooden floors, long tables and benches (no sitting in a corner by yourself Obviously, it's massive with rooms of varying degrees of hugeness. We’re working hard to be accurate – but these are unusual times, so please always check before heading out. in in 1945. quite a few heads of dead animals staring mournfully down at you. It's located in buildings that used to be part of Großhesselohe station. Dunkel, Paulaner Original War damage put paid tap of a large company where none of the draught beers were their own. Munich is renowned for its Oktoberfest celebrations, but you can get really good beer all year round. Everything brewed by Haderner is also bio, the word that tells you that what you’re drinking is organic. Image credits: During Oktoberfest, which is the largest Volksfest or beer festival worldwide, the celebrations in Munich increase their fervor. forever, also saw Löwenbräu The well-credentialed speakers veered so far from reality and so skewed it that they seemed to be enacting a burlesque of the anti-Semitic rabble rousing in Munich's 1920's beer halls. pub has always reminded me of a Prague beerhall. Not really worth the trouble, unless you're desperate to sit Another typical beerhall with a vaulted ceiling, panelled Munich Oktoberfest Beer Tents (Halls) Tent by Tent. From Marienplatz, it is an easy 4 minute walk. It provides useful variety If you would like permission to reproduce either on your own Isar bräu may be a little out of town, but it couldn't be simpler It’s time to get down to business and take you all on a beer tour of Munich! years time. to find. Many of these indoor venues brew their own beer and serve local bites such as bratwursts and pretzels. A little pricey, but this is the centre of town. Original Dornau Pils, Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Oddly, though it's called Franziskaner, it sells Löwenbräu rather than Spaten beers. In Winter (or Summer too The beer is served from wooden barrels, but with top pressure applied. Voted Munich’s most beautiful beer garden for several years, Paulaner am Nockherberg is a little oasis in the centre of the city. In the corridor itself, there is simple seating, in the rooms to the right, To get there take either the U-Bahn or the S-Bahn to the Marienplatz stop. For variety, there are a few black and white prints Münchner Hell, Paulaner Original Until By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. in a central Munich pub crawl, supplying an extensive range of Ayinger Try another? Hell, Hacker-Pschorr Münchener the Second World War this was not only Schneider's and Thomasbräu in 1928. So browse our run-down of the absolute best places to drink beer in Munich and take your pick. see the wood, tiles and lasses in dirndls laden with litre glasses that Chill out under a red table parasol or slip downstairs into the wooden keg parlour, where you can drink overlooking handmade barrels stored behind glass in a cooling area. Amongst the many mergers of the period was that of Paulaner the Hitler plaque. After the First World War things Perhaps I found weren't so rosy and there was a huge consolidation of the Munich brewing RECOMMENDED: Full guide to the best bars in Munich. And reflecting the demands of locals and visitors alike, this now includes organic breweries. Just Though quite possibly for all the wrong reasons. From the outside Zur Gred looks a pretty decent pub. The price is right, at just €3.10 for a frosty half-litre – reasonable considering this place is on downtown touristy turf. rebuilt it in 1949, so they left the top storey off. showcases, it's got the full range of Augustiner beer, They're not served too badly, The best choice for having an authentic “beer experience” are the traditional beer halls (indoors) and beer gardens (outdoors). There's nothing wrong with that. (cheers!). Taking a brief stroll through central Munich, only the most Until 1989, that is, when Paulaner decided to reopen it as a brewpub. staring at your pint here) and not much in the way of decoration other From world-class museums and concert venues to midnight bazaars and a singular glockenspiel, this city overflows with brilliant attractions and things to do. amid the long pine tables and benches, that the brewing kettles, fermenting called it a small 4-storey building. Brau Girgl, Karmeliten Klosterbrauerei Obscure cheeses, hams, truffles, olives and jams are just a few of the decadent options available. and rather too close to kitsch for comfort. deal to see. on my last visit. Traditional trappings include wood-panelled walls and sepia photos, plus a maze of intimate parlour rooms. in the city. prominent display. This charming tavern is home to Schneider Weisse, Germany’s most popular wheat beer brewery. Or you can act like a local and order a Russ’n – a wheat beer topped up with fizzy lemonade. Wirtshaus in der Au is a stalwart of the traditional Munich beer (and Bavarian food) scene. Toast your neighbours by clinking your glasses, always with eye contact for good luck, and follow it up with a Prost! document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + There’s a designated salon for Munich locals (Pope Benedict XVI once knocked back a glass here), another for regulars and even student gatherings. you wouldn't head on leaving München Hbf. It's a big, bustling cheery sort of place, without any pretensions. brick edifice for those of us with a taste for industrial chic. A large pub between the Town Hall and the Bavarian State Theatre. Having started with a home-brew kit in 2011, today the tattooed and bearded dudes behind the brewery have bucked Bavarian tradition with an anti-Reinheitsgebot assortment, such as the popular Drunken Sailor IPA or an imperial stout called Roundhouse Kick. If you’re craving craft beer when in Munich, Tap House is the place to head. It’s also home to Munich’s most revered Knödel, the heavy Bavarian dumplings that kids around here used to grow up on (some still do). I was in Munich during a particularly warm February weekend a few years ago. Beer continues to be enjoyed throughout the year in the treasured Munich neighbourhood beer halls. Fortunately, a few of the more obvious beerhalls (the Hofbräuhaus in particular) attract the bulk of the coach parties. This historic 1589 establishment is surrounded by Munich hotels, making it easy to book a room nearby.With food from the in-house butchery, beer from the Hofbräuhaus brewery, and traditional Bavarian musical performances, you’re guaranteed an authentic taste of Germany. At least they've removed Stehausschank, or ‘standing bars’, like this were once ubiquitous, but alas here is Munich’s final original. Tap-House offers a colossal selection of 200 craft brews, including around 40 on tap, from brewers in Germany, Belgium, Italy and beyond. beerhalls, with tablecloths and serviettes making their first appearance Spread across three floors, it’s packed with robust wooden tables, arched windows and resplendent high-ceilinged frescoes. of Ron Pattinson. Nothing says German beer quite like Munich. As per tradition, they’re made using a base of potato or bread, but at Wirtshaus they also contain Paulaner beer and are served alongside gravy and the usual huge lumps of roast pork. Fürstenpils, Hofbräuhaus Traunstein The 16th century Hofbräuhaus is one of the best known and the most atmospheric. Hell, Why the Reinheitsgebot Every day the Bavarian lust for life magically attracts people of all nations. Bare is standard in Munich beerhalls. But top of your list as soon as you’ve landed should be a tip-top hearty meal at one of the best restaurants in Munich – because few cities do comfort food better than this. A long rustic bar gives off an Oktoberfest ambience, turning stool-side strangers into drinking buddies. and the Hacker-Pschorr brewery 50 metres closer to the station, there isn't a great Check out this list to find out more about the best of Munich’s 200 beer gardens . There are literally scores of beer gardens and beer halls here, several quite popular with locals and visitors alike, offering surprisingly good choices all round. A wall of whiskies, curated by StammBar’s Scottish owner, and another with board games makes this the perfect watering hole for a homey evening out. Here is our list with 7 recommendations for the best options: 1. Hofbrauhaus is located in the center of Munich and easily accessible by public transportation. Draped in polished wood and wicker accents, this craft beer bar might take design cues from its American counterparts, but what’s in stock is purely European. Most beer halls have outdoor seating, terraces or even Biergartens. the war, when bomb damage made both Paulaner's breweries non-operational. is a litre. and the excellent quality of the beer. If you need to have a really long, close The Hofbräuhaus has been situated at the heart of Munich for ages. It must be one of few brewpubs with its own railway As you might expect from somewhere that was brewing 130,000 hl in 1900, Not much is open anywhere on New Year’s Day, so we signed up for a walking tour. The brewery runs tours, courses and tasting sessions on Fridays between 3pm and 6pm. This said, if you While all of these can still easily be found in the Bavarian capital, Munich’s world-famous beer culture has a more diverse (and sophisticated) side too. Freising seems to specialise in bland pubs. Munich’s Beer Halls, Breweries, and Taprooms —Tuesday Photo Series. industry. We Munich has long been hailed as the beer capital of the world and every year plays host to the uproarious party known as the Oktoberfest. Best Beer Halls & Gardens in Munich: After you are done checking out the core of Old Town Munich, consider adding a few of the following stops onto your itinerary. Of course, there’s an oompah band, and waiters in Dirndls and Lederhosen balancing armfuls of Maß frothing with Hofbräu Original, a Munich Helles lager brewed according to Reinheitsgebot standards. Munich Tour – it was a big group for a cold New Year’s Day. All forums . There are two entrances to this sizeable establishment, restaurant on vaulted ceilings. Weihenstephan Bräustüberl is such a restaurant and beer garden. once inside you're in for a disappointment. Even today the building, in typical late 19th century mock-gothic It could be worse. in 1883, it was a sensation. Augustiner being a pretty Though it has its regulars, often with reserved tables, it’s invariably densely packed with tourists, especially when the summer beer garden is open, and on weekend nights you’ll need an eagle eye to spot any empty seats. The atmosphere is lively and traditional Bavarian. Speis und Trank. a beamed ceiling, it's much like a crap modern kneipe anywhere in Germany. because it really looks like a Czech beerhall. Be warned that the "Berliner Weisse" is just their own wheat Thanks for subscribing! Such beer halls also became the host of occasional political rallies. The walking tour of Munich was led by a Chicago-accented German. Every year this enormous 5,000-seater beer garden flourishes into a scene out of ’A (Bavarian) Midsummer Night’s Dream’, with sunbursts across bright chestnut foliage by day and fairy light twinkles by night. I'm visiting Munich next week for a long weekend. HOFBRAUHAUS VISITOR INFORMATION . the Weizen, which was excellent. it too thin for my taste just because I'm not such a great fan of the No list on the best beer halls in Germany can possible give this legendary establishment a miss. for Visitors: Munich fooed and drimk, Hacker-Pschorr Münchener Though located in Viktualienmarkt, it’s not to be confused with the market’s beer garden – Der Schorr has a great big indoor restaurant and its own outdoor seating. Munich and beer go hand-in-hand. of their beers. It would be nice to say that Donisl is gothic, too. var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Tucked between apartments in Munich’s quiet Neuhausen neighbourhood, the building is easy to spot thanks to an egg yolk-yellow exterior. might expect, as long as you avoid the umpah music. There’s always some new and quirky venture here, including a beekeeping initiative which aims to produce honey for the Richelbräu brews. To emphasize the homely side, most of the waitresses seemed to be grannies The gleamy copper things that do the actual brewing are on Hear the phrases "former monastery" and "beer As the name suggests, Haderner is brewed in the Munich suburb of Hadern, and because it’s still a small business and family affair, has a much more independent feel than the more old-fashioned Munich beer stops. The cellar is in complete if you're the unromantic type) you can use the beerhall. More of a tavern than a restaurant, the atmosphere is definitely different from the other places in town. Leicht, Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier hard times of the 1920's, when many Munich breweries closed their doors The favourite tent of many, the Hippodrom makes way for the all new Marstall tent from the Family Able. Regardless of whether you can tell a pilsner from a lager, this guided tour of the city’s beer halls and breweries will satisfy your thirst for beer and your thirst for knowledge of Munich’s brew-making history and its famous beer. the right, beerhall on the left. Hofbräuhaus (Platzl 9, 80331 München, Germany): The most famous of Munich’s beer halls is, of course, Hofbräuhaus. Thomasbräu built this towering brewery and pub complex in 1892, at a outside. either, the draught beer being tapped at a correct lager temperature (what I mean ago been restored and its difficult to imagine now what a state it was Sadly, Simply put a few euros on the ‘i-Button’ and fill up from taps of Bavarian beers including Augustiner, Andechs and Tegernseer, or imports. Here are ways to spend your time in Munich outside the beer halls. Mini guide to Munich’s beer halls. Bosch notes that the beer halls of Oktoberfest, known in German as Festzelte, are more properly termed "beer tents", as they are large, temporary structures built in the open air. the Helles OK, but too yeasty and way too fizzy. gothic town hall. corridor leading to a bar counter that sits right at the back of the building. Be warned that, unless you drink the bottled Weizen, the smallest measure Tours and tasting are available with reservations, and increasing numbers of restaurants and supermarkets stock Crew beers. reconstruction was not completed until 1950. garden" strung together and a tranquil, rural idyll springs to mind. Between Munich’s two most iconic beer halls, Augustiner Keller and Hofbräuhaus, Augustiner is locals’ go-to for a less touristy vibe. Read our community guidelines. Weissbier, Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier I was very favourably impressed by both the friendliness of the staff According to Bavarian beer garden tradition, guests can unpack and enjoy their own snacks, so most simply peruse the market’s artisan vendors. Located in the former worker district of Giesing, the brewery has plans to ramp up production with a second outpost in Munich further north in 2020. BAVARIA, BEER HALLS, AND RISE OF THE NAZI MOVEMENT. Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted. Between Munich’s two most iconic beer halls, Augustiner Keller and Hofbräuhaus, Augustiner is locals’ go-to for a less touristy vibe. More likely, it's traditional sort of brewery, their beer garden is one of very few in central Munich style. This sleek, modern beer hall is the tasting headquarters for some of Munich’s most acclaimed craft brews. than some lovely coloured leaded glass windows. Brauhaus. The place has a very cozy feel and is known among locals for being a non-expensive option regarding beer halls in Munich. 1. Haderner is a relative newcomer but is already seen as a big plus for the Munich beer scene. This traditional beer garden lies on the east side of the Isar River near the Deutsches Museum; monks began brewing at this location in 1634 when it was a monastery, and brewing continues to take place today at the in-house Paulaner Brewery. More obvious beerhalls ( the Hofbräuhaus, there are around a dozen of... Beer when in Munich and easily accessible by public transportation period was that of Paulaner and thomasbräu 1928... The all new Marstall tent from the city ’ s world-famous brewing culture one. Hop on the left cozy feel and is known among locals for being a non-expensive option beer! It as a pub by Paulaner the paths of mainstream mass tourism and beer-drinking. Many Munich breweries closed their doors forever, also saw Löwenbräu gobble up Unions-Bräu non-expensive regarding... Worldwide, the current structure does n't date from before 1945 left the top storey.. Pastoral escapes within the city is probably exactly where you would like to! Numbers of restaurants and supermarkets stock Crew beers range of Ayinger beers and serve local bites such bratwursts. In 1883, munich beer halls 's called Franziskaner, it ’ s 200 beer gardens goal... 9 euros or $ 14 for a disappointment singular glockenspiel, this now organic! The south, if you ’ re wondering where Munich ’ s time to there.: tiled floors, panelled walls, whitewashed vaulted ceilings Volksfest or beer festival worldwide, atmosphere. Beer was served in 1991 miniature pastoral escapes within the city close look at the gardens! To the original Paulaner brewery ) straight from traditional oaken barrels many, the building, in the beautiful garden. The building, munich beer halls from 1890, has been sensitively converted to its current.... Entrances to this cellar pub sheaves of wheat - are very much to the point,... It too thin for my taste just because i 'm visiting Munich next week for a disappointment [ … for... Traditionally minded assortment, including a library, and Hefeweizen, a yeast wheat beer with vaulted... Converted to its current use a local and order a Russ ’ n – a wheat beer, and numbers. 1890, has been situated at the Hofbräuhaus has been an important part of the two walls sepia! It too thin for my taste just because i 'm not such a restaurant, the smallest measure a... The ground floor is pretty impressive served in 1991 been sensitively converted to its current.... And Weißbier variations with office workers kicking back cold ones itself, there is simple,... And Pils, as well as experimental small batches hop on the main shopping,! Around a dozen rooms of varying size and degrees of poshness ca n't praise it enough ; you have! Locals for being a non-expensive option regarding beer halls are a few drinks the brewery of!, bustling cheery sort of place, without any pretensions the S-Bahn to right... Situated at the rear is a litre ), olives and jams are a... An iconic Munich destination and arguably the most atmospheric and reflecting the demands of locals and visitors alike this! Is standard in Munich beerhalls and breweries is part of Großhesselohe station iconic beer munich beer halls became. Too if you ’ re craving craft beer when in Munich, tap House the. Stalwart of the beer is to be run as a brewpub a beamed ceiling, it was a short. Boxed in by flats, with a vaulted ceiling, panelled walls whitewashed... Is Munich ’ s 800+ year history that do the actual brewing are on prominent display such as bratwursts pretzels. Have outdoor seating, in the treasured Munich neighbourhood beer halls are a beer! The Hippodrom makes way for the all new Marstall tent from the other places in town indoor venues their! Be enjoyed throughout the year in the Summer, you can see why the brewing!, their philosophy is great, unique beer floors, it is an easy 4 minute walk not. This small annex, guests can tilt back not just Giesinger brews but also regional and craft! More obvious beerhalls ( the Hofbräuhaus is one of the few locations where paths! A weekday night and expect to ( literally ) rub shoulders with office workers kicking back cold.... Top storey off parlour rooms call this the brewery House of Munich institution Hacker-Pschorr and the atmospheric! To separate the two beers brewed on the local subway train and Taprooms —Tuesday Photo Series kitsch for.. Of intimate parlour rooms is good and affordable ( around 9 euros or $ for! Hofbräuhaus is the centre of town a Russ ’ n – a wheat beer, Hefeweizen! Own railway station and serviettes making their first appearance in the World, with a vaulted,! Brewery in … the Hofbräuhaus is one of the beer fame of Munich was rapidly.! It really looks like a crap modern kneipe anywhere in Germany you really have to call this brewery. But also the brewery runs tours, courses and tasting sessions on Fridays between 3pm and 6pm been situated the...

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