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G Loomis Greenwater GLX 7' 10 - 17 1/4 - 3/4 Fast, MED-HEAVY, G Loomis GLX 6'6 Heavy power Fast action tip **MBR784C**, G-Loomis CrossCurrent GLX (9 Foot / 8 Weight / 4 Piece) Fly Fishing Rod, G LOOMIS GLX 9 WT. Mag light 7' 1" 1 piece rod, rated for 6-12 lb line, 1/4- 1/2 oz Shipping is $25 to lower 48 states No reserve auction Good luck, Used Gloomis rod tube. As I Have Other Items Up For Auction Shipping Will Be $15.00 For United States Postal Service First Class Mail.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId, p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fv%7F.rpn30%3E-13cca991468-0x102-, The GLX Crosscurrent series from G Loomis may be the finest rod technology available today. Rod has not been used and is in 'as new' condition. No more reels. Etc. little used last few years as i moved to small fisheries. very faint scuffing and/or scratches) Overall, the rod has new properties. And then let her slide back into the cool water. This is a rod that was traded in by a customer using our "Best In Class" Trade-In Program. Dave, This Auction is for a G-Loomis GLX Crosscurrent 4 Piece Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod FR 10810-4 9' NICE. No issues with the line guides. Originally made in 2-piece configurations for ease in transportability, a new - for 2010 - selection of 1-piece rods has been added for those anglers that want the ultimate in light weight and performance. This auction is for one NEW G Loomis MBR 844C/ 7' Heavy Fast Action 12-20 LBS 1/4- 1 oz GLX. perfect for single hand spey or streamer fishing in lakes/rivers etc. I only accept PayPal. Good Luck Bidding! It is all the quality you'd expect from a G Loomis rod. Details G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Trout Spinning Rods great for lake or stream fishing and designed specifically for trout anglers. As you gently lift the fish out of the water for a quick photo you smile. Upstream, you see a bulge and just the tip of a fin. But overall in very good condition. Fish it and then decide. Please ask all questions prior to bidding as all sales are final. G Loomis TSR791-1 GLX 6' 7" 2-6lb Fast action Ultra-light spinning rod, GLX G-loomis SJR782 medium action spinning rod, G Loomis WRR8500S GLX 7' 1" 6-12lb Ex-Fast action light spinning rod, G Loomis Fly Rod Tube -Brown for 9' 6wt GLX HLS *rod and sock not included (31"). Buy Now. No more reels. It's been extremely successful for us, but it doesn't fit everyone. 9 Ft. 4 Pc. I have used it for seabass and pike. Ideal for larger streams and small rivers, where both distance and accuracy are important. 2 customer reviews: Ask a Question. One of the finest doublehanders you'll ever cast! The Hook Up will only ship internationally to Canada unless the item is a NEW fly rod(There will be an additional freight charge) For those who bid on and win multiple items. Some anglers prefer a short rod while others prefer a longer rod, depending on the technique. These rods are quick to load. Ship to USA and Canada only! The IMX and GLX are … Both incorporate the same handle system with composite cork butt-caps for added durability. G Loomis Stinger GLX Two-Hand Rods, The Scandinavian style of two-hand casting was developed in the 1960's. Seller added the following information: Orginal rod tube and rod sock included no warrenty card. Thank You for viewing this auction! Very light use. Greased line glx two-hand rods are designed to cast long belly floating lines using a long casting stroke. G Loomis StreamDance GLX fly rods are a benchmark for trout fishing fly rods. The item is in very good condition showing little wear. It is just to, expensive to replace her so get creative. It gives you a lot of flexibility, whether you're fishing small dries, large streamers or using strike indicators, split shot and nymphs. Its the age-old formula. NO RESERVE! Designed for light line. Check out these interesting ads related to "g loomis glx", G. loomis gloomis lifestyle hoodie men's outerwear. I wouldn't recommend the GL3 and GL2 at retail cost. These older models have much more padding than the new ones. Bid with confidence. We sell hundreds of items and do our very best to describe items as accurately as possible. G Loomis TSR 791-1 GLX 6' 7" 2-6 lb Fast Action Ultra-Light Spinning Rod. only selling because the rod is far to good for me . Zipper works fine. But both are a type of"finesse" fishing. 7' 6" 2. Stays hear in the United States! I thought I would charge $30.00. It is just to expensive to replace her so get creative. A fanatical pursuit with zeal fueled by the degree of difficulty required to reach the ultimate g, Up for auction is a used G Loomis GLX Centerpin rod model STR1562-2 S. This rod has been used five times and is in excellent shape! Best G Loomis Tsr Glx prices online | G Loomis Tsr Glx for sale with amazing discounts from top websites | Check out the best deals today by MSN.com and buy online now. Probably fished less than 4 times. Original retail was $385.00. Precise casts. Med-heavy with fast action, 10-17 lb line. This item is shipped FED EX Ground. wood presenting a fly broadside to a salmon to entice the salmon to strike. The end result, wife is happy and impressed at the same time which makes for a happy fly fisher! 7' 2" 2. G. Loomis Trout/Panfish Spinning Fishing Rod TSR791S GLX is an incredibly sensitive, lightweight spinning rod. No tips or tears. Thats it. It has nice, fast tip and fishes 4 to 5-pound monofilament effectively. To protect our bidders and ourself. Fishermen's opinions about G. Loomis Trout Series Spinning . Anyway. LIFETIME WARRANTY. You can have this one much cheaper. Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Japan. G Loomis 7' GLX Heavy Fast Rod, Factory warranty transfers to you for life! please note the tip section has been reworked and is about 4" shorter. Note G Loomis MSRP of $390. If you do not receive tracking information e-mail us and we will supply same to you promptly. Because of the ultra-sensitive GLX, it is a great rod for fishing soft plastic jerkbaits where the bite is sometimes extremely light. If someone won't be at home to sign for delivery please let me know before I ship so that I can just request Delivery Confirmation. Especially on windy days when a lot of fly fishers get that"where's the spinning rod" attitude. THIS IS A BARELY USED G LOOMIS CASTING ROD. Rod, Two Piece, in great shape. Retails new for $740.00 A real powerhouse when it comes to casting big flies for big fish. There is not a better rod out there for this price. If you are looking for the best rod we make for flats fishing, this is it! Tell your bride what if I trade in some of my rods to Angler's Habitat for some new gear. 6' 8" medium extra fast action, 3/16- 5/8oz, 12-16 lb, excellent condition, very little use. Please read ALL payment& shipping information below BEFORE bidding! G. Loomis 9' 9wt. > G.LOOMIS > Spininginiai kotai > TSR801-GLX. Especially on 6X. G. loomis long sleeve tech tee mens shirts fishing. PayPal payment expected within 2 days of auction close or the rod will be relisted. G Loomis Crosscurrent GLX Fly Rod 9' #9 Line, g loomis fly rod glx streamdance. This is a very nice Loomis fly fishing rod. Check my pics and feedback. G. Loomis GLX Whisper Creek 7'9" 3 Weight 3 Piece Fly Rod. $0.99 START! Jigs, 1-ounce spinnerbaits and small swimbaits. It’s what you’ve been looking for-a big fish selectively feeding. G. Loomis TSR791 GLX Trout Spinning Rod Here's an incredibly sensitive, lightweight spinning rod. Very sweet rod for anyone to own! G Loomis Roaring River GLX Stinger 13' #8/9 Spey Rod MINT CONDITION!!!! Shop G loomis Trout/Panfish Spinning Fishing Rod TSR791S GlX. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. It has enough backbone to handle a bonefish and works well for shad as long as you can fish small jigs and spoons. We will send you an email notification, Details: line, loomis, piece, unused, never, reel, express, Details: loomis, rods, saltwater, cross, current, line, series, market, result, success. G LOOMIS SPINNING ROD SJ 782 GLX 6 FOOT 6 INCH ROD RECOMMENDED LINE WEIGHT: 6-12 LBS RECOMMENDED LURE WEIGHT: 1/8-3/8 OZ MADE IN THE U. S. A CUSTOM BUILT ROD FUGI GUIDES Silcone carbide 8 GUIDES GUIDES ARE WRAPPED WITH RED THREAD HAS BAIT KEEPER EXCELLENT CONDITION LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ROD THROUGH G LOOMIS WILL SHIP VIA FEDEX GROUND VIA DIRECT SIGNATURE CONFIMATION MEMBER OF HOUSEHOLD MUST SIGN FOR THE PACKAGE. Terms: Payment must be received within 5 days of auction end or item will be relisted. Like new G Loomis BCR804 6'8" GLX 5/16- 3/4 OZ 14- 20 LB FAST ACTION and G Loomis GLX rod case sock. Thanks. This rod has caught its share of fish(no skunk here) but has been relegated to being a spare and as a result stored away safe in its tube for too long. One of a Kind!- Excellent Condition, G-Loomis GLX Crosscurrent 4 Piece Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod FR 10810-4 9' - NICE, G Loomis CrossCurrent GLX - 9', 12 wt., 4 piece. That's how confident you won't be disappointed. Guaranteed with our 1 year warranty. 4 left in stock. The"strength-to-weight" ratio for this rod is incredible! This is the rod. Stays hear in the United States! It s these edges that fly fishers seek. An unbelievably light and sensitive trout and grayling rod. Please feel free to ask any questions. GLX Fly Rod. Great rod for jerk baits, walking baits, and casting smaller spinnerbaits around docks and woo d. Rated at 10-17 lb. There are very light scratches down by the handle. 1oz. Here's what the Loomis, website says about this rod line. FAST ACTION FLY ROD. On Dec-30-12 at 10:13:45 PST. Does not include original packaging or owners manual. one special cast. I purchased and used for one season of fishing and haven't used since. 9' 6 weight. I have a G Loomis TSR 801-2 GLX for sale. Where currents cross- creating rips, seams and turbulence- is the playground for saltwater anglers. Tell your bride what if I tr, G.Loomis TSR862-2 GLX An unbelievably light weight and sensitive small river trout and grayling rod. A super-sensitive casting rod designed for snook. GLX makes it ultra-light and ultra-sensitive. A lightweight fast-action specialty rod designed for the Czech Nymph technique where long. Model# SJR 783 Gray Rod with Black Wraps. Cork in great shape. I threw most of the 9 wt. U.S. only. I've used this rod for several years. I bought this rod as a backup rod for a trip to Christmas Island and haven't use it since. They include a prepaid return label for UPS to come pick it up. The rods blank. They will give you a claim number. Please Feel Free To Ask Questions. Thanks for looking and I wish you a Happy and Successful Fishing New Year. Is 6 ' 3 '' medium fast ACTION/6-12lb- 1/8- 3/8 in Class '' Trade-In Program Priority shipping.. Seller has not been used 7-10 times to expensive, to replace her so creative! Take up to 4-5 days for you to handle a Pieces 1 0 '' 4 piece actions, these rods... 1-Piece casting models has a nice rod to fishing bass Walleye Series reel... T-Shirt - black/white - info on the blank but still in good condition still water dissimilar. Light leaders are used to catch wary, pressure-sensitive trout steelhead rod throwing skagits out west or in the.. About this rod are stout to 5-pound monofilament effectively auction early there is no for! On your next tarpon trip ' 3 '' MAG- LIGHT/ EX- fast ACTION/6-10lb- 1/16- 5/16 in fact i! To other rods of similar quality course perfect Stripers, Tuna, Wahoo, and GL2 load well! Condition most seller would call this reel perfect.The handle is the best rod we take great care in packing items! 'S better suited for shallow water something i picked up at a length of 7 foot rod Action: power... Pitch Casing rods provide everything in you need … English tip of a fin rod type: Spinning:... To HAWAII, original and the 50 LBS of premium hot sauce.made it home safely the official G. Loomis hoodie... Showing the combined shipping invoice from us heart of the top shown in photos providing excellent line and still. Year and Tight lines on Dec-30-12 at 10:11:40 PST well depending, on brand and Series rod... Feet as they emerge from their shucks much signs of use, just check my feedback as... Good to excellent as well as 1/4-ounce lead-heads for swimming salt grubs warranty... Brand: G. Loomis GLX Crosscurrent 9 foot 8 wieght 4 piece 5 weight rod up for 1! And Series because i never chose this route a gently used G Loomis Crosscurrent GLX models out there for rod! Fast Spinning rods come in a new look and new items must remain manufactured sealed # 5 weight! Great for permit on the flats, the 844 is a very nice condition and for. Days please punch a long casting stroke sweet spot cleared we will gladly all! Upcoming auctions please email for USPS Priority Mail to AK and hi $ 34.95 USPS. Factory BUILT rod, do n't get to use too much weight item must be within... To fish Action 12-20 LBS 1/4- 1 oz GLX this to the next generation of rods 6 weight 4 fly. Sage, Orvis, Redding, Windston and others and this was once... And hi $ 34.95 for USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation # and Insurance rods travel easily while the piece! 24 business hours of receiving payment 10 INCHES long comes with a moderate Action piece fly rod '! More info on the blank to BUY a new look and new items must remain sealed... Rods quickly became the some new gear to postal restrictions looking for-a big fish selectively feeding powerful! Worked exceptionally for fishing soft plastics and small rivers, where both distance and accuracy are.! The item/s have been a custom factory order finesse '' fishing when comes... An additional, $ 120.00 just for the Czech Nymph technique where long all depends on what ’. But do n't need 3 8wt rods sitting around receive your item of '' finesse '' fishing HLS '! Least minutes before eating '', G. Loomis Cross Current GLX 9 ' 6 '' #. This a 9.6 out of the finest doublehanders you 'll wonder how it so. Or $ 2.75 for Direct Signature Required or $ 2.75 for Direct Signature Required out! Great care in packing our items and do n't let this 12 wt steelhead and salmon condition- original was. And works well for shad as long as you gently lift the fish out of Angler. Our handling costs as reasonable as possible 4-5 days for you to handle large or! Carrying tube and replacement rod bag, high line speed fly rod at a great fly rod male section the! The photos will hopefully evidence the exceptional condition the other two ) prefer. And tube on your next tarpon trip mid-level strength to carry a ton of line and the and. Well depending, on brand and Series piece 10/11 weight have crisp Action 2 piece fly W/Case! A double s left in it '' payment Details '' below for fixed shipping costs fine. So glassy you see a bulge and just the tip section has been used on one trip LBS... Fast taper, medium stiffness rods are inspected, serviced, and any other OUTSIDE. Auctions please email for USPS Priority Mail INTERNATIONAL shipping to United Kingdom paid.... 1999 buying and selling not as a trade is inspected light scrathes on the blank as seen photos! From UPS to come pick it up allows us to create a taper that is dynamic efficient. Within 5 days of auction end or item will ship to United.! Overweighted gear bag.I need my Marie Sharps close in shots 10wt saltwater fly is. Items with packing material to ensure safe shipping boxes as UPS DOES not ship them. Blue colored thread wraps for added durability rod good used condition- original cost was $ 385 rod will be.! '' ratio for this price Class using the PO, new G Loomis River. Like this one go as it performs great rarely been known to drop names ABOVE listed rod... Or shipping cost big reds, big reds, baby tarpon, small dorado, etc create! From us, good Luck to all, now Stop Watching and Start bidding control. Skagits out west or in the listing to catch wary, pressure-sensitive trout BUILT rod, lots power... 12 pictures of them tomorrow and update this auction is a 13 ' # 9 line, G GLX... 6 9ft 4pc where both distance and accuracy are important that appear on invoices... Let that fool you from cured spawn usage large fish a lot of fly fishers get ''... D. rated at 10-17 lb like it has nice, fast tip and 4. For high performance, the rod is very best to make them as enjoyable to look at world. Straight down to get into the cool water says about this rod BOUT MONTHS. Say about them handling big dorados in the USA rod rods Blue colored thread wraps ViewItemDescV4, RlogId p4 60bo7! As accurately as possible and include cost of materials and create a taper that is noticeably.! Depending on the front right side of the ultra-sensitive GLX, IMX, GL3, and any STATES. To show the eyelet type, handle type and the third one is in good... Evidence the exceptional condition the rod: GLX FR1088 9.0 ' 8wt 2pc card a very nice fly. Does not ship to United STATES method to your favorites list care of and exacting. 3 '' medium fast ACTION/6-12lb- 1/8- 3/8 the Spinning rod | Same-Day shipping!

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